Nothing beats the raw magic woven by the first spell of rain. The freshness of the air, the exuberance of the surrounding hues, and the smell of wet earth - ‘Saundh’ emanating from rain-soaked soil enthralls one and all. It kindles the imagination and reminds us of our unlimited potential.

This is the spark behind our new, earthy women’s wear and men's wear brand. Our designs are a metaphorical reminder of the subtleties of nature that evoke a sense of rawness and authenticity. These very values are at the core of our identity. Our brand, therefore, aims to resonate with every woman who is successful in her own right and comfortable in her own skin.

Our aim is to breathe in the beauty of tradition yet constantly evolve and capture the sensibilities of a global woman. Our brand assures the quality and finesse of designer-wear clothing that ranges from kurtis, form-flattering gowns, lehengas, and Indo-fusion sets. Strong product development, powerful manufacturing & distribution capacities and striking price points back it.