Kurta Sets

Discover Saundh's most timeless tunic sets in shades and prints of effortless elegance!


Elegant lehengas

Co-Ord Sets

Zero-thought effortless ensembles & picture-perfect pairs for you, on the go.


Festive 2023

In resplendent turmeric and saffron hues, Sunheri, Festive 2023 is crafted in sun-kissed fabrics, celebrating the dynamic spirit of festivities with intricate embellishments that dance in the light, under the spotlight of sheer elegance.



Saundh's newest Festive 2023 collection is a celebration of innate beauty. Drawing inspiration from the radiance of golden rays of the sun, Sunheri cherishes the opulence and regal splendor with modern craftsmanship and hues that reflect the brilliance of the morning sun.