Canvas Of Life

As an ode to the tranquil power of art, Saundh is elated to bring to you its Spring Summer collection - ‘Canvas of Life’

This Spring the Saundh woman finds herself falling in love with a blank slate like never before. This is her chance to write her own narrative, to take back the power & build a new normal that she loves. Here’s to new beginnings and old romances, to new starts and old stories, to new promises and old commitments. To the new you and the old you. 

Fall in love with the nostalgic ‘ambi’ inspired prints, relive the delicate art of aari embroidery, and reimagine the timeless ‘bhujodi’ weave. After all, without tradition, there is no modern. The collection carries the essence of yesteryears’ tradition and renders it with love on modern contemporary silhouettes. It translates the emotional trio of – reet (tradition), preet (love), and ateet (nostalgia) and translates them into tangible pieces, using elements of design, proportion, balance, functionality, craft, and aesthetic.

We have used a lot of surface texturing techniques like cutwork, crochet lace detailing, chiffon trims, patchwork, gota lace, sequins, and ‘aari’ embroidery. The print story has been conceptualised using original artwork, hand-painted floral panels, and the use of katran fabric to develop graphic panels. The focus has been on reuse and upcycle, we have extensively used leftover fabric and material as patchwork detailing and for embellishment. 

Rediscover the allure of a kaftan, the timeless drape of a sari, the elegance of shararas, and the classic silhouettes of kurta sets in a vibrant palette on diaphanous chanderi, soft georgette, shimmering linen-zari, and classic cotton. 

Comprehensive storytelling is part of our design process. While we celebrate art on our clothes in terms of prints, colors, and craftsmanship— we also want our customers to experience the art of the written word and the power it holds. This season, Saundh joins forces with India’s leading wordsmith Freddy Birdy to bring forth the ideas the brand believes are the pillars of its new season.

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