The Stage

The Stage' transports you to a world of everyday luxury. The spotlight is on you, the woman of today, who has created a stage of her own, and is a star in her own right.

by Saundh
The light comes on. Everybody’s watching but nobody’s there.
 “I’ve waited for this moment my whole life.” Why?
 What makes you wait for something for so long? 
Why does hope revolve around the occurrence of an event?
 When did joy become an after-thought?
And finally, what happened to celebrating, just for yourself?

The twirl of your anarkali, the sound of ghungroo, the brightness of alta, and the power of that spotlight. This year is dedicated to those women who have created a stage of their own. The different roles they’ve had to play, that made them stars in their own eyes. Where kindness, compassion and honesty all found solace, in one person.

I never thought I could live like this. 
Without the outside world. 
Without connect, without faces, without holding another hand. 
In fact, when I lived in the outside world, I thought I needed nothing. 
I didn’t need a friend’s shoulder or my mother’s laugh or my lover’s glance. 
And now I realised, I need nothing, but I want everything. 
What do I want my story to be? 
I want it to be one of hope, of strength and of courage. 
I may not need to hold someone’s hand but I want to.
What does it mean to be truly happy? 
What does it mean, to live a good life? 
Is happiness found in companionship, in money, in possessions? 
I’ve looked for joy wherever I’ve gone. 
I’ve tried finding it in the comfort of old conversations, in the smell of rain, in the taste of my favourite food. 
But this joy leaves, as often as it comes. 
I’ve fought with myself, I’ve fought with others–to realise that the only joy that matters, is the one within. 
This year has been one of change. One of reflection, of thought, of action. Introducing our Winter-Festive collection, The Stage.

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