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The cacophony of vendors selling their wares and music mixing in the air, a melange of colours overhead in the form of fabric buntings blowing in the wind, the mouth watering smells and the sizzle of hot oil emanating from makeshift kiosks selling local delicacies, Saundh’s Kalp Haat invites you to experience a sensory treat. 

We take you on a journey through an Indian Mela, or carnival. We drop the curtain on pieces of our collective identity through impassioned dances, meticulously crafted paintings, and soul stirring story telling. We transport the viewer to a world of fantasy, taking them on a journey through the flavours of handicraft, textiles, and performance art. Kalp Haat is a celebration of the different forms of expression that help us tell the tale of India. 

This season, the Saundh Woman rediscovers her creative soul by diving into the heritage crafts and cultural experiences of a time bygone. She explores the potpourri of sounds, sights and smells, that is India. Our country, with its rich artistic heritage, presents itself as a Bazaar of emotions, colours, textures, and tales, all showcased through the lens of our diverse geography. From intricate and delicate Naqashi art telling the stories of soft winter blooms in the north, to the bold, passionate Theiyam, or the ‘Dance of the Gods’ down south, the Saundh Woman takes you on a journey to uncover the magic and ‘rasas’ of this soul-stirring souk, and step into the wonders of ‘Kalp Haat’.

The story unfolds as episodes that take you in an immersive journey that transcends time, and reconnects with different forms of expression that help us tell the tale of India.

Discover royal indulgences, their culture, and their resplendent style in Ganjifa. A favoured pastime of the royals, it finds its bearings in the court of the Mughals as the 'Darbar Kalam'. It’s time to look into the past that inspires our future.

From the royal palaces and past times we take you to a celebration that elevates all senses. Presenting our second collection “SOHRAI KHOVAR” from Kalp Haat our festive offering for AW'21. 
Sohrai Khovar is an ode to the free-spirited jubilation celebrating the bonds of love, wedlock, and femininity. It heralds in new beginnings, fertility, and abundance through rich imagery that connects deeply with nature and God's beings.
The collection embodies a lyrical celebration, fluid silhouettes, and a vivid print story. Modern silhouettes and a mix of prints herald a new bohemian. It embodies an alluring mix of tribal influence, modern style, and elegant craftsmanship that is wearable for all occasions.
Stay tuned for more. 

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